A biiiig bowl of strawberries!

März 21st, 2012

I finished this commission last Sunday!
Its a painting split in three canvases. As you can see my feet in the picture of all three canvases you get an idea of the size. I forgot to measure it.

Here it comes again!

Dezember 21st, 2011

It seemed like forever that I didnt draw an oekaki anymore.
Since I dont have my Graphic tablet in Florida, I had to draw with a normal Computer mouse which made my arm cramp.. but it was still lots of fun :)

Watch the Drawing Animation! :)

Sweets for my sweet…

November 22nd, 2011

…sugar for my honey.

I just uploaded a gallery of my Sweet charms. Its all a 100% handmade! I started making those charms in 2010.. but theres more information in the ‘About’ part. If you want to try to work with polymer clay by yourself, be aware that it’s really addicting and time consuming. And its fun :D

Be sure, there will be more to come :)
Have fun!


Welcome to my new, personal Art Gallery!

November 20th, 2011

I’m very glad you made it to this website ;)

I’m happy to present my new desgin, a lot of new artworks and a complete makeover of chrisannereilly.com.

Have lots of fun and feel free to give me some feedback through comments or my facebook page.

There will be lots of new stuff within the next days so make sure to come back :)